Houthakker: Crafting stories through furniture

Our Origin

In the still, unprecedented moments of South Africa's COVID lockdown, a passion was ignited in an unassuming single-door garage. That garage, filled with memories of a lifetime, was owned by my father. It's here that Corinne and I stumbled upon some scrap wood and an idea blossomed. The first endeavor? A humble bedside table. The process of cutting, designing, and assembling wasn't just about creating a piece of furniture—it was akin to crafting a piece of our soul.

Falling in love with design was easy. Everywhere we looked—whether it was the majestic landscapes of nature outside, the intricate designs within our home, or even the cobblestone paths we once tread upon in pre-lockdown times—it felt as though the world was beckoning us to observe, learn, and create.

The more we delved into design, the more evident it became that our surroundings have a profound influence on our emotions, our thoughts, and our very essence. This revelation became our compass. At Houthakker, every piece is designed with a profound respect for this influence. We aspire to create environments that strike a harmonious chord—spaces that feel both new and familiar, blending tradition with modernity, while always retaining warmth and functionality.

From a lockdown project to a beacon of handcrafted luxury, Houthakker isn't just a brand. It's our love letter to the world of design and the nuanced symphony of our surroundings.

Meet the Team

We're a close-knit team of four who found our calling in a humble garage. Born from passion and sustained by sheer skill, hard work, and unwavering commitment, we've journeyed from crafting our first bedside table to creating the exquisite pieces you see today. Drawing inspiration from South Africa's diverse landscapes to the intricacies of daily life, we pour every ounce of our creativity and craftsmanship into our work. At Houthakker, when you bring home a piece of furniture, you're not just buying a product – you're embracing a piece of our dedication and shared story.