Test a Counter Stool before Buying

We know that choosing the right counter stool is a big decision. To help you out, we're offering a sample counter stool delivery right to your door. Place it in your kitchen, see how it looks and feels in your space, and make an informed choice before committing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the lead time?

The lead time on smaller items like bath caddies, milking stools and kitchen art are 2-4 weeks.

Bigger furniture like benches and counter stools have a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

If my bath caddy doesn't fit, can I exchange it?

Absolutely! Just keep the original packaging and we will log a collection as soon as you're ready.

Can I customise my order?

Of course- we change colours, sizes and even rope types all the time. Send an email to shop@houthakker.store and tell us what you have in mind!

Where can I view your products?

We are exclusively online, but you can get a sample sent to your home!

Click here to get your sample chair:


Houthakker in your Home.